I’m honored that on Tuesday Democrats in Nevada’s Congressional District 2 chose me to take on Mark Amodei in this fall’s general election.  I have so many people to thank for their moral and financial support as well as their votes. 

First – thanks to the thousands of voters who cast their ballots for me. I appreciate their confidence that I will listen to their views and represent them in Washington.

Thank you too for all the supporters, donors and volunteers who knocked on doors, made calls and helped finance my campaign.   I truly appreciate everyone’s commitment.  And of course, I’m grateful for my talented, committed campaign staff who worked long hours to help make this victory possible.  What a team!

I also want to commend the other CD 2 Democratic candidates who ran issue-oriented, respectful campaigns.  I wish them all well.

Congratulations to Mark Amodei for his primary victory.  I’m looking forward to running against Mark and his record this summer and fall.

And lastly, I’ll make this commitment:  I will always tell you where I stand on an issue, even if it’s an unpopular position, and I will always put you and our nation first.  You can count on that.

Again, thank you for helping make this primary victory possible.