I will devote EVERY DAY to solving this nation’s problems. I will take your concerns to Washington and will be a FULL-TIME congressman. I will work with members of both parties to rebuild the soul and economic health of America. 

I’m running for CD 2 to:

  • Address citizens’ distrust and cynicism toward our government
  • Work in a bipartisan way to solve this nation’s problems
  • Consider joining the Problem Solvers Caucus for non-partisan solutions
  • Build bridges between us; celebrate our differences and our diversity
  • Restore the American dream


  • Universal Health Care: Millions of Americans still lack health care; 10s of thousands die unnecessarily every year, according to many studies.  We need to solve this problem by strengthening the ACA, not dismantling it with no replacement.  Medicare needs to be expanded to cover those that are most vulnerable.
  • Financial Security: The wealth gap is the largest in history and is growing daily.  According to data from the Federal Reserve, “the Top 1% now holds 38.6% of the nation's wealth, up from 33.7% in 2007. The bottom 90% now holds only 22.8% of the nation's total wealth, down from 28.5% in 2007.”[1]

Economic health is not a zero-sum game.  Business, workers and the environment can all thrive – it just takes political will.  Taxes must be fair and government should live within its means.  We need compassion and to create safety nets for those suffering through no fault of their own.  And of course, we all must take responsibility for our lives when we are able.

  • Education: We must adequately fund public education so America can once again be the envy of the world.
  • Broadband: Rural Nevada is desperately in need of reliable broadband service to assist with medical services, business and commerce, education and public safety.
  • Farm Bill: Nevada farmers, ranchers, Tribes and rural communities need a farm bill that will allow them to thrive while protecting our natural resources.
  • Veterans services: Our nation’s veterans have sacrificed much to protect and defend this country. They deserve to receive services in a compassionate and efficient manner.
  • Gun Issues: I support the 2nd Amendment and I’m not in favor of taking away all guns.  I support Responsible Gun Ownership and Public Safety and therefore, I support a ban on assault weapons, bump stocks, and certain ammunition.  I believe we need a National Gun Policy that gives protections to all stakeholders.
  • Women’s Right To Choose: I support Roe v Wade; it is the law and I want it to remain in place.  I respect a woman’s right to choose.
  • LGBT: Freedom, inclusion, basic human rights, and opportunity need to be given to everyone.
  • Yucca Mt: I will join with the rest of our delegation in steadfastly opposing the creation of a nuclear waste repository in Nevada, despite it not being in CD-2.
  • National priorities: We must balance our infrastructure, defense and national debt so we can regain our world leadership role.  The longer we wait to address these issues, the more it will cost.


[1] CNN Nov. 23, 2017


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